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BDL is the ideal solution for the manufacture of skylights or transparent covers, both flat and curved. The system, formed by an alveolar panel made of extruded polycarbonate with multi-wall structure, provides good thermal insulation and optimal optical and mechanical properties.

The connection between the panels is carried out in a simple and effective way, by using specific profiles of polycarbonate lace. If the structural load of the project requires it, it can be transferred to aluminum or steel profiles.

The particular lace fixing system does not require through holes in the polycarbonate. This allows to build covers of great lengths, and confers to the product a great facility of assembly and a stable watertightness to avoid the infiltrations of water.

Main advantages:

• Easy and quick installation

• High thermal insulation

• Optimal shock resistance

• Good light transmission

• Good behavior in front of the fire

• UV protection


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