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1959 Foundation of Stabilit.
1975 Integration of the Imsa Group
1984 Acquisition of the Romagosa company in Mexico..
1993 Opening of the Stabilit plant in Monterrey, Mexico..
1997 Acquisition of the Glasteel company in the USA.
2000 Joint Venture between Bayer and the Imsa Group to manufacture and market polycarbonate laminates on the American continent.
2000 Foundation of Stabilit Europa in Barcelona, Spain.
2001 Acquisition of the Graham company in Canada.
2001 Acquisition of the Resolite company in Pennsylvania, USA.
2002 Acquisition of the Lightfield company (Uralita Group) in Barcelona, Spain.
2003 Creation of the new Stabilit Europa s.l.u. as a merger between Stabilit Europa s.l. and Lightfield.
2005 Opening of the new Stabilit Europa plant in Barcelona, Spain.
2005 Start of acrylic line operations in Stabilit Europa.
2006 Opening of the new pultrusion line in Monterrey, Mexico.
2006 Opening of the new Bayer Imsa plant in Monterrey and start of operations of the second line.
2006 Integration of the technology laboratory in the Stabilit Monterrey plant
2006 Break-up of the IMSA Group and emergence of Verzatec, the group to which Stabilit now belongs.
2008: Start of manufacturing of materials for recreational vehicles on the American continent.
2008: Start of automotive line operations in Stabilit Europa in Barcelona, Spain.
2010: Opening of new plant in Monterrey for manufacture of acrylic and polycarbonate domes.



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