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Plastic laminate, flat and opaque, smooth or embossed, made from polyester resin reinforced with glass fiber through a continuous process and designed to coat, protect and decorate.

It does not require external paint and is very easy to clean. Quick installation and savings in time, a low cost investment.

It is designed for all environments where it is required to combine aesthetics with ease of cleaning.

Especially suitable when strict sanitary controls and regulations have to be complied with.

Glasliner  FR version complies with fire reaction certifications:

  • EUROCLASES UNE EN 13501-1 Classification Bs2 d0

Main advantages:

  • Its ease of cleaning allows it to be free of germs
  • Maximum sanitary protection
  • Does not mold
  • Does not absorb odors
  • Does not rust
  • Suitable for contact with food
  • Maximum hygiene
  • Flexibility
  • Minimum Maintenance
  • Resistant to corrosion
  • Thermal stability

Application: indoor  use only



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